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vision-area said: Hi! I'm a big fan of Avatar The Last Airbender. I do not feel interested in LOK, but I've never watched it. I like the idea of having a continuity of the first frame, but does LOK worth watching? Thanks. And you have such a great blog!!!

I’d say give it a go. Though something to keep in mind is that people have vastly different reactions to it. Don’t expect going into LOK to have all your ATLA questions answered, and if you get past the first two seasons, season 3 is apparently somewhat of a masterpiece. 

“ i see u michaeldantedimartino


i see u michaeldantedimartino

# dawh # they aren't being subtle about it # which is wonderful # i am amazed at the cognitive dissonance shown by some people in this fandom tho # refusing to accept this progressive step has been taken # and instead hiding behind 'they haven't vocally said anything!!!!!' # even if th ey came out and said korra and asami made out all over the spirit world # people would then complain that they haven't bought a house together so it doesn't count via avatarparallels © ian-gallagher

“Being the Avatar doesn’t hurt your chances with the ladies.” - Avatar Roku

# korrasami # kataang # anyone who has listened to the dvd commentaries know how much bryke think about composition of shots # romantic imagery from start to finish and a direct parallel # i cant believe i was able to do this in paint


This says it all, doesn’t it?

# gal pals!!! # im so committed to this korrasami/kataang parallel it's being done in paint # that's how devoted i am # paint is horrendous # this romantic imagery is about as subtle as a brick to the head # and for that i am grateful via aanglerfish � � brookietf

tscott1216-blog said: sorry if this sounds naive or contrarian but what do you think about the idea that it wasn't a same-sex relationship ending? I think it's noble of bryke to start this conversation but I think the show's overall arc is towards friendship, i.e. Team avatar/makoand bolin's disquiet at korra writing to asami rather than all of them/the airbender kids/etc. that makes more sense to me than a last-2-minutes almost-political move. starting an LGBT television conversation at all is still a huge deal imo



tbh you can interpret it as ~just friendship~. however, there’s an interesting parallel between what you’re arguing and those in the general media that call ladies that are actually dating “gal pals”. seriously, two women can be pictured making out and the magazine will still just refer to them as “good friends”. we have this engrained mindset in society that unless two women are rolling around naked, they couldn’t possibly be dating/in love. 

asami and korra holding hands, staring into each other’s eyes and going off together is as close as you can get to a bisexua l ending. im about to reblog a post that has all the parallel imagery to the varrick/zhu li + kataang ending which absolutely rams home how romantic the ending is. the reason they can’t kiss is due to the well documented censorship around LGBT issues in kids animation, and as you said this is really good step forward of that front. mike dimartino shared an article which explicitly talked about how progressive and romantic the ending was and frankly i think that’s the end of ambiguity.

so yeah, you can personally interpret is as “friendship”. but if you do that, it’s wor th considering why that approach ignores the creators intentions, artists intentions, wider media commentary and the vast majority of fans. 

But if this was true why wasn’t their relationship developed during the series after they got past an awkward friendship? Literally nothing screams romantic relationship. There isn’t a foundation to this relationship. I think it was fan bait if anything. Is being independent not a thing anymore. Why does anyone have to be romantically involved to have a happy ending?

I was gonna take the time to disentangle your argument and show where you’re missing the point. But then I realised this has more to do with your personal shipping preferences. 

Exhibit A: